Buy tickets here, from 14:30 GMT on Monday 4 February.


Early ticket sales are more valuable to us than later ones, so the prices reflect that. This year, rather than go for the all-or-nothing early-bird we are gradually increasing ticket prices as the cheaper ones sell out: ticket prices start at £210 and go up to £290.

As usual, if you are chosen to be a speaker then we will refund your ticket.

Tickets include refreshments, lunch, and evening meals for Sunday and Monday. Accommodation is separate.


There is no requirement to stay at Crieff Hydro, but it is the most convenient option. Instructions for getting the discounted room rates are included in your confirmation email.

You can book online, but (unsurprisingly) the online booking provider will not be winning any User Experience awards any-time soon: you are probably best phoning Crieff Hydro accommodation on 01764 651680 (+44 7164 651680), where the much friendlier Kirsty will be delighted to sort your accommodation out.


Price per person, per night
Sunday and Monday
Single £89
Two sharing £59

But you do not have to stay on site. There are a wide range of off-site options including hostels, camping, wigwams, and bed and breakfast. Crieff Hydro are able to provide a complimentary (but limited) shuttle service to help delegates coming and going from these locations. This is what they say about the shuttle:

This service is subject to availability and is not a continued service which runs to a timetable. When we discussed the shuttle service, this was for the small minority of delegates staying offsite, however cannot accommodate vast numbers of delegates who have selected alternative accommodation.

Note that this information was updated on March 11 2013, to reflect Saturday evening no longer being available for checkin and that the shuttle capacity is quite limited. See this news post.

Crieff Hydro accommodation includes breakfast.