2013-05-02 : Coach Travel to and From Crieff

We now have details of the coaches to take people to and from Crieff Hydro. The coaches from Edinburgh are leaving from Waterloo Place, just to the East of Princes Street. Coach times are

  • Saturday 11 May 18:30 leaving Waterloo Place
  • Sunday 12 May: 08:30 leaving Waterloo Place
  • Tuesday 14 May: 09:30 and 14:30 from Crieff Hydro to Edinburgh

To get the coach, you need to have filled in the questionnaire that was sent out (several times) recently.

Happy travels to Crieff Hydro.

2013-04-21 : EngineYard are Gold sponsors

Hey, welcome back to our latest and final Gold Sponsor, Engine Yard. Shortly we will have a word from our sponsor.

2013-04-02 : Accommodation block expires on 7 April

Hopefully you have already booked your accommodation for Scottish Ruby Conference 2013. If not, you should know that our block allocation (with the discounts) expires on April 7, so you had better get to it. You can book here, or by calling Kirsty on +44 1764 651680. Only Sunday and Monday nights are now available at Crieff Hydro, but fear not: we will be running coaches out of Edinburgh on the Sunday morning to get you to the conference on time. (We also plan to run one coach on the Saturday for those early enough to have secured a room then.)

We have not settled details of the buses to the conference yet, but we will be sending out a questionnaire asking about your bus needs.

2013-03-20 : AWS OpsWorks are Gold sponsors

Welcome to our latest Gold Sponsor, AWS OpsWorks. Now for a word from our sponsor:

AWS OpsWorks is a DevOps solution for managing applications of any scale or complexity on the AWS cloud. OpsWorks features an integrated experience for managing the complete application lifecycle, including resource provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, software updates, monitoring, and access control.

OpsWorks promotes conventions but is flexible enough to let you customize any aspect of your environment. Since OpsWorks uses Chef, you can leverage hundreds of community-built configurations such as PostgreSQL, Nginx, and Solr or use your own recipes.

OpsWorks uses automation to simplify operations. You specify how to deploy, scale, and maintain your applications and OpsWorks performs the tasks for you. With OpsWorks, you can deploy your applications to 1,000s of Amazon EC2 instances with the same effort as a single instance.

AWS OpsWorks is looking for talented developers for our team in Berlin. Please contact us at or talk to us at the conference.

2013-03-11 : Update to Venue

tl;dr You can no longer check-in on Saturday, but we’ll start late enough to get there from Edinburgh. The complimentary shuttle service is limited.

Our allocation of Saturday rooms has sold out - we did not have a very large initial block but were under the impression that we would be able to increase it. Sadly we were wrong - Crieff Hydro generally do not like to allow Saturday check-ins, as that means they can not sell Friday rooms. We tried very hard to get them to release another tranche of rooms, but to no avail.

We will however be running buses out of Edinburgh on Sunday morning in sufficient time to get to the conference. Our current thinking is to leave Edinburgh about 8:30 to 9ish, and kick-off at 10:30.

Crieff Hydro have also told us that their complimentary shuttle service is pretty limited:

This service is subject to availability and is not a continued service which runs to a timetable. When we discussed the shuttle service, this was for the small minority of delegates staying offsite, however cannot accommodate vast numbers of delegates who have selected alternative accommodation.

We have updated the venue page to reflect this new information.

2013-03-08 : StorkUp are sponsors

Welcome to our latest Bronze Sponsor, StorkUp. Now for a word from our sponsor:

StorkUp is revolutionising the way that parents shop for their children. We’re funded by Bauer Consumer Media (FHM, Kerrang, Heat, etc), and are opening a new development office in Glasgow this spring. Our technology stack is based around Rails, Javascript and Mongodb, and we are currently recruiting developers who are interested in solving problems around scaling and developing a large-scale consumer web application, including building out marketplace and social functionality. More details here.

2013-02-28 : HouseTrip are sponsors

Welcome to our latest Gold Sponsor, HouseTrip. Now for a word from our sponsor:

HouseTrip is a fast-growing, human-sized, funded startup, ranked the number two start-up in Europe (2012) by the Wired Magazine. We’re Europe’s largest holiday rental booking website with over 1.5 million visits from unique visitors every month and thousands of transactions.

At HouseTrip we are always on the lookout for Ruby developers with the usual-suspect skills:

  • Ruby and Rails
  • HTML/Haml, CSS/Sass, JavaScript, and SQL
  • A Devops and Test-Driven Development state of mind
  • Optionally: Sinatra, Mongo, Puppet, Git , Rspec, Cucumber, Mac/Linux skills

Over the coming year we are scaling up, our Rails app serves a growing 10 million pages per month. We need you to help make it a distributed, world-class web application.

By joining us:

  • You’ll work within a team of 16 passionate, down-to earth, dependable, fun developers from all over Europe who love good code!
  • You’ll have an impact on a booming business, where you can make a real difference and be part of our success story

If you are interested in working at HouseTrip please click the link below to have more information:

2013-02-18 : FreeAgent are sponsors

Another old friend is back to sponsor SRC again. This time it’s FreeAgent. Welcome back! And now, over to you:

FreeAgent is one of the UK’s largest and most popular cloud accounting services, helping thousands of freelancers and small businesses manage their company accounts in our unique, simple, stress-free way. We’re going from strength to strength, and we’re on track to fundamentally change the relationship small businesses have with their accounts.

We’re looking for talented full-stack web app engineers to come and join our amazing team on our mission to democratize small business accounting. We like Ruby, Rails, elasticsearch, Graphite, MySQL, RabbitMQ and Puppet. We’re based in Edinburgh, which is a fabulous place to live and work, but we also have a growing team of engineers who are distributed across the UK and USA.

Things we’re interested in:

  • Service-oriented architectures over monolithic apps
  • Building prototypes over writing specs
  • Automation over repetition
  • Seeing evidence rather than guesses

If you’d like to know more about FreeAgent or the roles we have on offer, come and talk to our engineers at our stand. We’d love to meet you and talk Ruby!

2013-02-06 : Pivotal Labs are sponsors

Our latest Gold Sponsor is the one-and-only Pivotal Labs. Welcome on board! And now for that word from our sponsor

Pivotal Labs is a leader in agile software development practices with a long history of supporting the Ruby community. We’ve opened an office in London, and are proud to sponsor the Scottish Ruby Conference. Come see us for beer and conversation. For more information about what’s happening at Pivotal Labs London, contact @jbsteadman.

2013-02-04 : Bytemark are sponsors

Welcome back to some old friends, Bytemark, who are are latest Bronze sponsors.

Bytemark is a 10-year old provider of managed hosting services, and is well known in the UK for its expert staff and technically led approach to the hosting business. It boasts clients in central government, the NHS and multi-million pound ecommerce sites. Bytemark’s latest hosting product is BigV, a flexible cloud hosting system implemented in Ruby, with VMs starting from only £10 per month.

2013-02-03 : Ticket sales

We’re delighted to announce that ticket sales for this year’s conference open at 14:30 GMT on Monday 4 February. You can buy your tickets at

Early ticket sales are more valuable to us than later ones, so the prices reflect that. This year, rather than go for the all-or-nothing early-bird we are gradually increasing ticket prices as the cheaper ones sell out: ticket prices start at £210 and go up to £290.

There is no requirement to stay at Crieff Hydro, but it is the most convenient option. Instructions for getting the discounted room rates are included in your confirmation email.

You can book online, but (unsurprisingly) the online booking provider will not be winning any User Experience awards any-time soon: you are probably best phoning Crieff Hydro accommodation on 01764 651680 (+44 7164 651680), where the much friendlier Kirsty will be delighted to sort your accommodation out.

As usual, if you are chosen to be a speaker then we will refund your ticket.

2013-02-02 : Accommodation Pricing

We have the pricing for Crieff Hydro:

Price per person, per night
Sunday and Monday
Single £89
Two sharing £59

But you do not have to stay on site. There are a wide range of off-site options including hostels, camping, wigwams, and bed and breakfast. Crieff Hydro are able to provide a complimentary (but limited) shuttle service to help delegates coming and going from these locations. This is what they say about the shuttle:

This service is subject to availability and is not a continued service which runs to a timetable. When we discussed the shuttle service, this was for the small minority of delegates staying offsite, however cannot accommodate vast numbers of delegates who have selected alternative accommodation.

Note that this information was updated on March 11 2013, to reflect Saturday evening no longer being available for checkin and that the shuttle capacity is quite limited. See this news post.

Crieff Hydro accommodation includes breakfast.

2013-02-02 : Basho are sponsors

Big welcome to our new Gold sponsors, Basho. And now for a word from our sponsor:

Basho is the company behind Riak, the open source, scalable, highly available key-value database that’s ideal for your next web-scale project and is in use at Rovio, AT&T and the Danish health service. They recently opened a London office and are building the Riak community throughout Europe.

If you would like to sponsor this year’s conference, then should take a look at our available packages.

2013-01-27 : AdRoc Group - Gold Sponsors

We’re delighted to announce our latest sponsor: Adroc Group. And now for a quick word from our sponsor.

With an international network of Rubyists who are responsible for shaping the software, web and mobile space today. Coupled with our discreet, innovative hiring solutions - We are the UK's leading recruitment partner to the Ruby on Rails community.

Since 2007, AdRoc Group’s Founder Rhys Evans has been consulting with a diverse range of organisations who seek to hire exceptionally talented Developers who use Ruby/Ruby on Rails as a primary language/framework.

Due to the continued increase in demand for Rubyists amongst our partners, we are keen to expand our network with smart, savvy, entrepreneurial Ruby on Rails Developers who would be interested in speaking about freelance and permanent job opportunities in the UK & Europe.

So, if you're looking for a new opportunity or looking to grow your team please feel free to get in touch with Rhys directly via for an informal and confidential chat.

2013-01-18 : Rabble is keynoting!

We have another keynote: Evan Henshaw-Plath, better known as Rabble the anarchogeek and CTO of Neo.

Rabble was the first hire and lead developer of through the pivot to Twitter. From there he was architect at Yahoo Brickhouse where they built the social location platform, Fire Eagle. He’s spoken extensively on startups, software development, media, social change. Other speaking engagements include: Web 2.0 Expo, OSCON, Rails Conf, XTech, Mobile Active, Emerging Telephony Conference, Emerging Communications Conference and more.

2013-01-17 : Call for Proposals

Our Call for Proposals is now open. As usual, we are looking for a broad range of topics at varying levels of expertise. Experienced speakers are welcome, but we are keen on new faces too.

So even if you do not want to submit yourself, please think about your friends and colleagues: have they some interesting ideas, practices, or experiences that would interesting to our attendees? If so, please encourage them to submit too.

The CFP is open until the 21st February, and you can submit here.

2013-01-15 : Rachel Myers is keynoting!

We’re really excited to announce our first keynote for this year’s conference: Rachel Myers. As well as being a super ruby developer for ModCloth, Rachel organises Rails Bridge - a non-profit organisation that works to increase diversity in tech by putting on a variety of awesome free events, such as free weekend workshops where women learn Ruby on Rails from volunteers.

Hopefully we will be helping organise a RailsBridge event in Edinburgh before the conference - so watch out for that.

2012-12-30 : Sponsorship packages available

The 2013 sponsorship packages are now available.

Since its first incarnation as Scotland on Rails, the reputation of the Scottish Ruby Conference has steadily grown, as a truly International gathering of Rubyists in the heart of this ancient country. For 2013, we are moving away from our Edinburgh home, to a residential setting in the heart of the Scottish Countryside: the famous Crieff Hydro.

Sponsoring us is a fantastic way to raise your profile both in the UK and Internationally. Take a look at the packages here and get .

2012-12-28 : Scottish Ruby Conference 2013 - Something a bit different

tl;dr: The 2013 conference will be at Crieff Hydro on Sunday 12th to Monday 13th May.

Since our beginnings, as Scotland on Rails, we have based the conference in the Scottish Capital, Edinburgh. For the last 3 years we have been based in the splendid Royal College of Physicians. For 2013, we are trying something different: we are moving out of the city to Crieff Hydro in Perthshire.

The conference will take place on Sunday 12th to Monday 13th of May 2013. We will be opening the Call for Proposals and some ticket sales early in the New Year.

The new venue is very different, but we think it is an exciting change. Residential (or mostly residential) conferences have a different feel, and the location is beautiful. We know may of you will be bothered about the cost and getting there; we are doing our best to address these concerns.

Ticket Cost

There will be a slight increase on last year’s ticket cost, because we will be providing an additional two evening meals. (Accommodation will not be included in the ticket price- see below).


Crieff Hydro provides a wide range of accommodation, including lodges, chalets, and hotel rooms. We have negotiated good discounts on these on hotel rooms only, and will provide details soon.

But you do not have to stay on site. There are a wide range of off-site options including hostels, camping, wigwams, and bed and breakfast. Crieff Hydro are able to provide a complimentary shuttle service to help delegates coming and going from these locations.

Getting there

We will be running coaches from Edinburgh to Crieff Hydro, about 60 minutes away.

For those wanting to make their own way, there is free parking. Perhaps car-pooling could be arranged using the Google Group.

We are also hoping to be able to arrange shuttle runs from the nearby stations of Gleneagles and Dunblane.

The Edinburgh Connection

We are providing the coaches partly in order to maintain the Edinburgh connection. We hope people will visit our favourite city before and after the Scottish Ruby Conference.

The Scotland JS and (we think) the SRC Fringe will be held in the city around the conference time. Stay tuned for some other events, probably at Edinburgh’s TechCube.

Update 3 Apr 2013: Updated to reflect that we have discounts only on hotel rooms.

2012-12-27 : Ramping up for 2013

Hi, and welcome to the slightly revised SRC 2013 site. Bear with us while we get things in place here, and prepare to ramp up for the 2013 Scottish Ruby Conference. We’ll be sprucing the site up with a redesign, courtesy of Neo.